Biennale de l’Image en Mouvement 2018 — The Sound of Screens Imploding — Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève

Biennale de l'Image en Mouvement

The Sound of Screens Imploding

Opening Days 08-11.11.18

Exhibition until 03.03.19

Elysia Crampton

Two carceral depictions in the Nueva Coronica's chapter on the Inka's justice

Orcorara (tres estrellas todos yguales) is an environment built on the first floor of the Bâtiment d’Art Contemporain and conceived as a dark room to be experienced through sound. Featuring a commissioned original score, the installation emerges as a confrontation with negativity and zero, following 17th century Aymara chronicler Joan de Santa Cruz Pachacuti Yamqui Salcamaygua’s Relación (from which the installation’s title comes, a reference to Orion’s Belt). Through this work, Crampton recounts with sonic immediacy an American story of an encounter and romance with zero.

Two carceral depictions in the Nueva Coronica’s chapter on the Inka’s justice, the performance for the opening will involve a lecture over two 17th century drawings by Guaman Poma de Ayala as well as some music.

Elysia Crampton is an American Indian musician and artist currently living in the United States. Her work is known for taking heavy detail in bringing light to questions of sovereignty, queerness, and Aymara resistance. Crampton’s sounds emerge between the horizon of West Coast (post)minimalism and Andean autochthonous and country music.

Elysia Crampton
b. 1985, Barstow, US
Lives/works in US

Le Commun
Thursday, November 8, 6pm

Le Commun
On view through December 2